Wayfarer (200-ton Beowulf class Free Trader)

The Wayfarer is a Free Trader (type A ), one of the most common ships on the mains of the Imperium. Using a 200-ton hull, the free trader is an elementary interstellar merchant ship plying the space lanes carrying cargo and passengers. It has jump drive-A, maneuver drive-A, and power plant-A, giving performance of jump-1 and 1-G acceleration. Fuel tankage for 30 tons supports the jump drive and one jump-1. Adjacent to the bridge is a computer Model-1. There are ten staterooms and twenty low berths. There are two hardpoints and two tons set aside for fire control. No weapons are were installed when first built, but a mix of beam laser, sand caster and missile launcher have been acquired over time, along with the fire control needed to use them. There are no ship's vehicles. Cargo capacity is 82 tons. The hull is streamlined.

The ship can carry six high or middle passengers and twenty low passengers. The ship originally cost MCr37.08 (including 10% discount for standard designs) and took 11 months to build. 

Aspects and skills
Lightly armed commercial starship
Very slow
Skill list: 
+1 (Average)
+1 (Average)
Power Plant
+1 (Average)
+0 (Mediocre)
+0 (Mediocre)
+0 (Mediocre)
A gunner can use Gunnery action to create an aspect "cloud of sand" to the ship. This aspect can be invoked defensively by the pilot (using Pilot skill as a defense action) when being attacked by lasers. Notes that this only works in space, and if the ship's course is changed it is lost.
A gunner can use a create an aspect action with Gunnery skill to create the "Missiles away!" as an aspect on the ship, and then use that as a one-line boost on an attack action against (using the Gunnery skill) enemy. The enemy can, on their turn, use lasers with a Gunnery overcome action to remove the aspect (this is detonating the missiles by using lasers as point-defense weapons). If the Missiles away! aspect has not been overcome, the gunner can use Gunnery to attack the opponent while invoking the aspect for free. Note that you can fire several missiles (only one per turn) and then invoke them all on a single attack (free invokes stack).
Stress tracks: 
1 2 3
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