Barbara "Bobbie Jo" Joanne Cooper

Overweight middle-aged redneck that's greasy T-shirt barely contains her beer gut. Perpetually unshaven, smelly and filled with noxious gasses, Bobby Joe tends to offend others, even by her very presence.

Bobby Joe likes to take it easy with an ice-cold beer. Bobby Joe feels a little guilty for leaving his parents back on Towers, especially her mother, a fourth-generation plumber. One way this guilt manifests itself is they way Bobby Joe pays particular attention to the waste removal and recycling systems. She often says "it would make my momma proud to see this thing flush."

After dropping out of school, Bobby Joe worked at a spaceport repairing grav vehicles and then extended her expertise to spacecraft engines. A hunch about a problem with a shuttle impressed Numar Gimmini sufficiently that she was offered a job and engineering training. She found the work of a shipboard mechanic to be more to her liking than her previous job.

She enjoys maintenance and is adept at cannibalizing machinery to repair to more essential equipment. Equipment she has maintained and understands completely often confounds engineers accustomed to the original. General Products noticed a life support system Bobby Joe created from waste processing parts, and paid for the rights to it that Bobby Joe then quickly invested in the Wayfarer.

High concept: 
Good ol' boy technician
Time for a cold one
Other aspects: 
Often, you're not moved by efforts to enrage or fool you simply because you're not following the conversation closely.
Big shotgun
You have an extremely overbored shotgun and you make your own ammunition out of RAM grenades
Metal detector boots
You have boots you have built that can be set to vibrate when you walk over metallic objects
+4 (Great)
+3 (Good)
+3 (Good)
+2 (Fair)
Gun combat
+2 (Fair)
+2 (Fair)
+1 (Average)
+1 (Average)
+1 (Average)
+1 (Average)
Whatever's Handy
You don’t ever have to spend a fate point to declare that you have the proper tools for a particular job using Repair, even in extreme situations (like being imprisoned and separated from all your stuff). This source of opposition is just off the table.
Just Hit It
Sometimes a bunch of repairs can get get done with a good swift thump. You must spend a fate point to activate this ability. You then hit the device that isn’t working, and it starts working immediately.
You Going to Use That?
You are skilled at improvising when making or repairing something. +2 to Repair when you creatively incorporate reused materials into your task.