First game at Dan's house

Saturday, March 12, 2016 - 11:00am to 4:00pm


Jesedipere (0601 C775300-7) is a medium-sized world with a standard, tainted atmosphere and seas covering ap- proximately half of the world's surface. A backwater world at the edge of Imperial space, Jesedipere has never been exploited, and remains a wilderness. This is largely due to the fact that the planet, a relatively young world, is still undergoing a high degree of volcanic activity. The air is tainted by varying amounts of sulfur and sulfur compounds. Thus the world has not been deemed particularly suitable for any significant degree of settlement or exploitation.

Jesedipere was selected, in the period following the last of the Frontier Wars, as the site of one of several trading stations established in the Aramis subsector t o promote trade into the Vargr estates. The class C starport at Jesedipere is the mainstay of this trading facility, and is operated under the auspices of the Scout Service. An llSS detachment, numbering some 15 individuals skilled in interspecies relations, is stationed at the port. Most of the major mercantile companies doing business in the subsector maintain factors and small supporting contingents at the starport. Several of the larger companies, including Tukera/Akerut, maintain separate warehousing and landing facilities at some distance from the main starport, in order to maintain a degree of privacy and security in their dealings.

Jesedipere's population, numbering (at last official census) some 4600 individuals, is concentrated at the small town of Downport, located about five kilometers from the starport proper. These people attempt to make the best liv- ing they can by catering to visiting starships. A wide-open planet, Jesedipere has neither an organized government nor enforceable laws. Order is maintained at the starport by Port Authority Enforcers under the auspices of the Scout Service, but outside the starport perimeter fence virtually anything goes. This has made Downport one of the most notoriously unrestrained dens of iniquity in the subsector, where a spaceman can obtain anything from drugs to a deal on a new-and usually stolen-starship. Downport has not been posted an Amber Zone-but it is generally considered to be a town where visitors should be prepared for anything.

A second element of Jesedipere's population-only recently established-is the large refugee camp set up for Vargr who have fled across the border in the face of Kforuz expansion. A colony of approximately 3500 refugees has been established on a large island 250 kilometers distant from Downport. Scout Service authorities on the planet are awaiting official word from Aramis concerning the ultimate fate of these Vargr, who in the meantime have suffered greatly from a lack of medical supplies and food. Relief efforts have been organized by the Torenlee Foundation on Junidy, and the situation has stabilized somewhat, but conditions are still very harsh.


The town of Downport is a small, untidy settlement which lies five kilometers south of Jesedipere starport. Although popular misconceptions frequently paint Downport as containing nothing but bars, gambling dens, and other dives, this in fact is hardly the case. It is true that Joy Street and its environs do indeed contain many such establishments;

Downport and Jesedipere Starport have been established in one of the more stable regions on the planet, and are not subject to the extensive degree of vulcanism and seismic activity that characterizes some areas. Still, architecture reflects a need for security; most of Downport's buildings are low-set, solidly built domes, capable of withstanding most quake effects, while the starport buildings and structures have been heavily reinforced for the same purposes. No one has forgotten the Downport Quake of 1073, which claimed 250 lives (nearly 10% of the population at that time) and destroyed six merchant ships in port.

In addition to the domes, some buildings are simply conventional structures that contain atmospheric processors within them to remove the taint. Those buildings contain a primitive airlock, or simply use positive pressure with an air filtering unit above the entrance that continuously produces clean air.

On the streets and outdoors, anyone encountered will be wearing a cheap and locally-made very lightweight filter mask that fits in a typical human's or Vargr's nostrils.

There are usually between 10 and 20 ships in port at any time. A couple of times a day can be heard a ship roaring above as it takes off from, or lowers itself onto a landing pad.