Open groups

Name Group type Location
Wayfarer Table-top TN Tennessee

This Wayfarer Campaign section is information for my own games, and a resource to help Traveller referees and players embrace the fantastic Fate Core system as a great way of roleplaying in the Traveller Universe. You will find examples, rules, guidelines, and suggestions for creating characters, ships and star systems from the Traveller universe in terms used by Fate Core. 

Манчестер Юнайтед - Лестер смотреть ((онлайн)) прямой эфир 1 май 2016 Table-top g


Children of the Blood (DragonCon Amber Game) Table-top DragonCon (Atlanta - Labor Day weekend)

Long running campaign set in the pre-history of Amber.  Please contact me before signing up. 

On the Rim: Between the Empire and the Dark (Atlanta extra game) Table-top Atlanta

Campaign set on the edge of the Phoenix Empire, following the crew of the spaceship Destiny.

Ancient Secrets (Atlanta main Amber game) Table-top Atlanta

Shadow Games is a multi-year campaign started in Atlanta in 2009. Originally it used the Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game by Erick Wujcik now it uses a modified versions of the Fate Core RPG by Evil Hat.

Fate of the Realm Table-top KY Kentucky
Shoot nigga Table-top Online only
A Night at the Old Cranston House Play-by-post Online only

This is a group to test some things out for me!

Roma Britannica Table-top Online only

A tale of Caesar's invasion of a fantastic Britain that never was.

Four Color Seattle Shenaningans Table-top My House
Atomic Test Online Online only

testing 123

FateLess! Play-by-post Online only

We'll create the setting together in the beginning stages.  This game will be played using FateLess, a GM-less version of Fate created by Alessandro Piroddi. You can find it here.

Mutant Cali Play-by-post Play by post

The world fell, angry alien geneticists poured in through holes in spacetime, landing in Southern California. Mutants and cyborgs took over the land. Meanwhile Northern California was overrun by fairies, trolls, and other strange creatures as magic freed itself. With the fall of civilization, society collapsed into a series of scattered, xenophobic tribes.

Welcome to Mutant Cali!