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The Aramis subsection in the Spaniard Marches sector

This Wayfarer Campaign section is information for my own games, and a resource to help Traveller referees and players embrace the fantastic Fate Core system as a great way of roleplaying in the Traveller Universe. You will find examples, rules, guidelines, and suggestions for creating characters, ships and star systems from the Traveller universe in terms used by Fate Core

Traveller rules were very advanced for 1977. As a testament to that, many people still play the original set of Traveller (sometimes called Classic Traveller). Traveller was really the first game that allowed players to begin the game with experienced characters possessing a background and quantifiable skills from his or her past.

However, Traveller is also a very numbers-heavy game with significant bookkeeping required. In fact, many of the systems in Traveller (such character creation, subsector generation, ship design, and trade and commerce) were designed to be a complete game unto themselves to be played by a solo player.

In this writer's personal opinion, this level of "crunchiness" is not a lot of fun. Finding a patron, breaking into research facilities, exploring long-forgotten ruins, or smuggling black-market anagathics, is fun. Buying farm machinery from an industrial world and selling them on the nearest agricultural world is pretty boring. On the other hand, if that is happening via narrative in the background while the groups is drawn into an exciting adventure, that's awesome!

With the above concept in mind things need to be asked for areas of focus in Traveller before it is addressed through additional rules or extras in the Wayfarer Campaign:

  1. Does it really matter to the story?
  2. Does it add fun to the game?

Tracking details like how many tons a bridge displaces, or how many HEAP rounds your character may carry around for his or her snub pistol adds no fun whatsoever to the game. Now, that does not mean they can't come into play, but things like ammunition inventory should really be in the background unless it actually means something to the current scene. For example, if your character is being overrun by hoards of hideous creatures, then the creature's stunt of "more of us than you can kill" can be invoked by the GM causing your character to run out of ammo in a particularly dramatic scene (by applying the "out of ammo" aspect). In addition, "out of ammo" may be a good concession if a character must concede a conflict in an environment where the characters cannot easily find additional ammunition (like you are hopelessly lost in a hive filled with the aforementioned hideous creatures).

Because of this, few additional rules are added to what already exists in Fate Core to model the Traveller universe as a background in a campaign. Always remember that most of the cool stuff in Traveller can be modeled with aspects, skills and stunts.

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Costs always seem to outrun our income!
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Imbalance of power
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Athletics Brawling (renamed from Fight) Contacts Credits (renamed from Resources) Deceive Education (renamed from Lore) Empathy Engineering (See new skill area for description) Gun Combat (renamed from Shoot) Gunnery (See new skill area for description) Investigate Medical (See new skill area for description) Notice Physique Pilot (See new skill area for description) Provoke Rapport Repair (renamed from Crafts) Security (renamed from burglary) Sensors (See new skill area for description) Stealth Vehicle (renamed from Drive) Will
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