On the Rim: Between the Empire and the Dark (Atlanta extra game)

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Campaign set on the edge of the Phoenix Empire, following the crew of the spaceship Destiny.

Skill/approaches list: 
Awareness - Combines Investigate and Notice from Fate Core. Athletics - per Fate Core. Contacts - per Fate Core. Diplomacy - Combines Empathy and Rapport from Fate Core. Engineer - Similar to Crafts from Fate Core, includes designing, operating, and fixing machines, computers, etc, usually requires tools and/or access to a computer interface. Fight - per Fate Core. Lore - per Fate Core. Manipulate - Combines Deceive and Provoke from Fate Core. Physique - per Fate Core. Pilot - Similar to Drive from Fate Core, includes all vehicles and ships Resources - per Fate Core. Scavenge - Has many of the abilities from Burglary in Fate Core, but adds abilities for the associated specialized gear, jury-rigging equipment, finding value among junk. Shoot - per Fate Core, includes larger ship based guns. Stealth - per Fate Core. Will - per Fate Core, adds the ability of create advantages on yourself.