Fate of the Realm

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World Setting: Cultural Friction
Current issues: 
Cultural Friction: Each of the races think they have imminent domain to the world, and treat the other races accordingly. Every cultural difference is more tinder on the fires of racism and tension. Each race's specific cultural, physical, and social needs are magnified by the eyes of those that do not belong to the same group. The 16 Curses: For time immortal, there have been those with ability and power so far beyond mortal understanding that they were often thought of as gods. These individuals have almost always been mortals that fell under the sway of a 'curse'. Curses exist as nothing but a concept: Grief, lust, wrath, and the gentleman's curse are but a few. Each normally makes itself known in the chaos and destruction its new master inflicts on his fellow mortals. Whatever they are, they are appearing more frequently and acting more aggressively than ever before. The Precursors: Those that lived before known history had access to different and powerful magics than exist in the current world. Much knowledge was lost since then. So much has been lost that it's utterly unknown what caused such drastic changes, aside from the ravages of time.
Impending issues: 
An old Felixian woman known only as "GrandMother", has been stirring up conflict between the Centaurian, Satyran, and Human races. Her goals are unknown, but her methods always end in bloody conflict and paranoia. The Western Frontier, where the Explorer's Guild rules with as much (or more) power as the nobles, has been having issues with a large number of missing members. These 'Adventurers' have been going out and not returning by the scores. While being an active member of the Guild has always been dangerous, the jump in those that have just disappeared is impossible to ignore. What's worse, whole villages and wayfarer inns have also disappeared: No sign they ever existed except for bare earth and sometimes and outlaying buildings and farms. Even those are empty of occupants.
Skill/approaches list: 
Athletics Burglary Contacts Crafts Deceive Ride Empathy Fight Investigate Lore Notice Physique Provoke Rapport Resources Shoot Stealth Will Arcane Arcane Healing Casting