Children of the Blood (DragonCon Amber Game)

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DragonCon (Atlanta - Labor Day weekend)

Long running campaign set in the pre-history of Amber.  Please contact me before signing up. 

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CHILDREN OF THE BLOOD Character Creation: 20 Points (last modified 8/21/2016) Pick a Heritage: Amber or Shadow Pick Character Aspects: At least High Concept and Trouble to start Purchase Power access: If needed, typically costs 1 point Attributes and Power skills cost 1 point for each +1, Max +6, see below Assets are optional, these give you an Aspect with free invokes, see below Adjust your Stress and Consequences based on your Endurance, see table Any remaining points give you Good Stuff, Max +3, see below HERITAGE (Free: Where did you come from?) Pick one of the following heritages after discussing with GM. Amberite: You are of the Blood of Amber, whether you know it or not, may be recognized in the Court if you are willing to deal with responsibilities. You have the ability to blood curse (see GM for details) and shadow travel by known paths or following another. Shadow: Not recognized in Amber or known to be related to the court, but other Courts are possible if approved. You have hidden talent (1 extra point) ASPECTS (Free: Describe your character) When you think about your Aspects, try to think of two things: how this could help you, and how it might make things harder for you. Good Aspects do both. High Concept: This is a single phrase or sentence that neatly sums up your character, saying who you are, what you do, what your “deal” is. Trouble: Next, decide what always gets you into trouble. It could be a personal weakness, or a recurring enemy, or an important obligation—anything that makes your life complicated. Position: Now decide how you fit into the family and court of Amber. Your position will come with resources (as needed), relationships, and defined responsibilities. Extras: You may chose two more Aspects to round out your character as needed. ATTRIBUTES (Cost Points: How you do things) If you do not buy an Attribute you have it at zero which is very weak. I will hit you hard in your weakest areas if you try to overly min/max your character. You may only have one Attribute at the +6 Max. An Aspect to go with your highest Attribute is recommended. Strength - Physique, athletics, toughness, and/or hand to hand combat Endurance - Resilience, inner resolve, and/or health (see Stress and Consequences) Warfare - Leadership, tactics, strategy, driving, riding, and/or weapons combat Hunting - Animal training, survival, tracking, riding, stealth, and/or hunting weapons Influence - Contacts, charm, coercion, reputation, resources, and/or dominion Intrigue - Deceit, espionage, secrets, coercion, stealth, and/or burglary Psyche - Focus, discipline, will, empathy, and/or mystical potential Lore - Knowledge, occult understanding, crafting, engineering, and/or medicine POWERS (Optional, Cost Points: Unique Abilities) This must be approved by the GM.No one has Pattern (or Logrus) in this game. Each Power costs (at least) 1 point for access and is unique to your character. You must spend additional points for skill in a Power or you have it at zero. Others may gain access to a Power once it is part of the game though. Powers require a permission Aspect and may not be ranked higher than Psyche. Endurance is important for extended actions. ASSETS (Optional, Cost Points: Special advantages) These are subject to GM approval (2 pts max). Give this a Name and Aspect (optionally more Aspects if you spent multiple points). 1 free invoke per point spent. This gives you narrative permission and assistance. Write a short description of what it can do or what it can help your with. If nothing seems to fit see GM to discuss how to model it. Ally: Pet(s), servant(s), associate(s), contact(s), or others who work with and/or for you. Allies may act independently, for good or for ill. Item: A weapon, tool, or other device that you own. This is something more than mundane equipment. Something special. Even if briefly lost this will be recovered. Mastery: Personal capabilities gained from special training, secret knowledge, or natural talent. Requires a permission Aspect. Domain: A shadow, location, place, or lands that serves your will. You may utilize whatever resources (people, places, and things) that would reasonably be available. STRESS AND CONSEQUENCES (Calculated: Based off your Endurance) You have one Stress Tract with 2 boxes and 3 Consequences (Mild -2, Moderate -4, and Severe -6) that includes physical, social, or mental damage. You gain added stress/consequence as follows: Endurance Benefit +1 One extra Stress +2 One extra Stress and a Mild Consequence (one damage type) +3 Two extra Stress and a Mild Consequence (one damage type) +4 Two extra Stress and a Mild Consequence (two damage types) +5 Three extra Stress and a Mild Consequence (two damage types) +6 Three extra Stress and a Mild Consequence (all three damage types) STUFF (Variable: See below) Any leftover points at character creation are converted to Good Stuff. This gives you points 1 for 1 each session (refresh) to spend. Maximum Good Stuff is +3. See below for other effects. RULES MODIFICATIONS/ADDITIONS Other than the modifications to character creation above we will be using the following rules tweaks. Your current level of Good Stuff may passively break ties and influences your general situation. You may Spend Good Stuff to invoke an Aspect for a +2 to your action, declare a Minor Detail, or get a Lucky Break to help resolve a situation. If you have no Good Stuff you are at the whims of the GM if compelled. GM has Bad Stuff equal to the number of players plus any character’s Bad Stuff acquired for extra Assets/Powers. You cannot start with Bad Stuff this is acquired in the game for your choices. Maximum character Bad Stuff is -3. This is used by the GM against the characters typically for an NPC’s advantage or compels. Discover Action: Additional action for Attributes and Powers see link for more. CHARACTER ADVANCEMENT This will be kept simple. Make sure to write down any possessions, especially Trumps. If it's not written or documented, your things may not be there when you need them. At a Milestone (between sessions) you may use any of these options: Rename any one Aspect (maybe more if something dramatic happened) Change ratings for Attributes and/or Powers by +1/-1, adjust Good Stuff as needed Exchange, Drop, or Add an Asset and/or Power, adjust Good Stuff as needed If anything more becomes available I will let you know. Always show character to GM for approval before finalizing. Sample Character: Gerard