Ancient Secrets (Atlanta main Amber game)

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Vast multi-multi worlds

Shadow Games is a multi-year campaign started in Atlanta in 2009. Originally it used the Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game by Erick Wujcik now it uses a modified versions of the Fate Core RPG by Evil Hat.

Skill/approaches list: 
Strength: Physique, athletics, toughness, and hand to hand combat Warfare: Leadership, tactics, strategy, driving, riding, and all weapons combat Psyche: Focus, discipline, will, empathy, and mystical potential Influence: Contacts, charm, coercion, reputation, resources, and dominion Intrigue: Deceit, espionage, secrets, coercion, stealth, and burglary Hunting: Animal training, survival, tracking, riding, stealth, and hunting weapons Lore: Knowledge, occult understanding, crafting, engineering, and medicine Endurance: Resilience, inner resolve, and health (see Stress and Consequences below)