New skills and ship notes

Work in progress. These are notes that are in progress of being refined into something usable.

Spacer skills

Some skills are "Spacer skills" and are used in conflicts and other situations involving a ship. A character may not select any stunts that effect this skill, but may use stunts the ship they are on have, if any. The actions taken using these skills are rolled by the character using his skill. So, for example, a ship may have the stunt "Agile" which adds +2 to Pilot rolls. This includes all four action types, if applicable to the skill.

The following are Spacer skills:


Use as active opposition against the creation of aspects in a conflict, and actions representing repairs to remove aspects and consequences.


Similar to the Fate Core Shoot (Gun Combat) skill. Use to attack or defend (point-defense weapons or sandcasters) in a conflict


Similar to the Fate Core Athletics skill. Use to overcome an obstacle, create an advantage or defend in a conflict


Similar to the Fate Core Notice skill. Use to determine order in a conflict as well as detect things in space.

Unneeded skills

Some important Traveller skills are somewhat limited in scope on an average adventure, are somewhat boring. They are handled differently in this implementation of Fate Core.


Navigation is something that computers really handle. There is no real need for it as it's not part of the action for the most part. Therefore, it's just assumed to be handled by someone with experience in that area using a computer. Simply use the Education skill if a roll is needed.


Computers, like the type found on ships and starports, have thousands of years of development behind them beyond what we have today in the real world. Therefore, it's just assumed that any educated person in the Imperium can use computers quite effectively. Simply use the Education skill if a roll is needed.

New skills


The individual has training and Medical science is capable of great feats in skill in the medical arts and sciences. preserving and maintaining the health and welfare of individuals. This focuses primarily on stress boxes.

Overcome: Medical skill is used to allow recovery from a consequence.

Create an Advantage: Medical skill can be used to provide things such as slow drug prior to a conflict, for example.

Attack: This is not an attack skill, except in perhaps when inflicting a disease on purpose or similar endeavor.

Defend: In the case or an attack using bacteria, virus or similar, Medical could conceivably be used to defend.

Medical Stunts

Seek Professional Help: add a +2 to Rapport actions on injured people because you are a 'presumed' medical professional.

Forensic Medicine: You can use Medical in place of Investigate when the subject involves medical evidence.

Ship notes


Skills for ships are essentially the numeric values from the existing ship write-ups. Thus a ship with maneuver-4 would be Maneuver of Great. Note that, unlike characters and other fractal items, ship's cannot use skills at 0. There is not default skills for ship. Either they have the system o be used, or they don't.

Maneuver (adds to Pilot skill checks, and acts like Athletics for defense does for characters)

Power Plant (adds to Engineering skill checks)

Lasers (adds to Gunnery skill checks, and this skill would also apply to various other energy weapons, just to keep things simple)

Missiles (adds to Gunnery skill checks)

Sandcasters (adds to Gunnery skill checks to create aspects usable with defend actions)

Avionics (adds to Sensor skill checks)

Armor (used for stress tracks and consequences like Physique does for characters)

Jump is range in parsec/week, as usual. No rolls needed.


Different sizes are handled by scale:

Scale step Size
-2 Individuals
-1 Vehicle
0 <100 tons
1 100-500 tons
2 501-1000
3 1001-2000 tons
4 2001-5000 tons
5 5001-10,000 tons
6 10,001-25,000 tons
7 25,001-100,000 tons
8 100,001-500,000 tons
9 500,000+ tons

When two entities enter into a conflict with one another, the differences in their scale come into play. For every step that separates them, apply one or both of the following effects to the larger of the two:

  • +1 to the attack roll or +1 to the defense roll
  • Deal +2 shifts of harm on a successful attack or reduce incoming harm by 2

How to apply these effects depends on what makes sense in context

Ship aspects

Ship aspects are aspects only usable by the crew of the ship they are controlling. For example, a gunner can apply "Missiles away!" on his own ship to represent the missiles being launched. Those aspects can only be used by the ship and crew that created them. Of course those aspects can be overcome normally, they just can't be invoked by anyone else.