Numar Gimmini

Numar is short for a Vilani and slightly overweight but still in fair shape. Numar's long graying hair is kept neat in a ponytail. He constantly has a look of worry and anxiousness. Usually wearing old Akerut jumpsuits around the ship, an added ballistic cloth vest while off the ship is common.

Numar feels a great responsibility to his partners in the Wayfarer. None of them really have any merchant background or experience, so he must perform all the functions required to generate revenue. Numar always thinks through his decisions and weighs all his options. He thinks first of his crew, is always fair.

Numar joined Tukera Lines, a megacorporation providing transport of passengers and freight along the already established Imperial Xboat routes, right after school on Junidy. He enjoyed a long and successful career and was transferred to a wholly owned subsidiary, Akerut, which provides local service along jump-1 routes such as the Towers cluster. He has learned much about the Spinward Marches sector during his time with Tukera and has contacts throughout the Towers Cluster and beyond. There he also Captained his own Free Trader, the Wayfarer. 12 years later he attempted to finance the purchase of the ship and was turned down. Only after finding others willing to invest was he able to purchase the vessel outright.

High concept: 
Free trader captain
My mind is made up
Other aspects: 
The crew depends on me
It's up to you to make the tough decisions, and to make sure their investments as a partner was the right choice.
Subdermal psionic shield helmet
To avoid telepathy, you have had a psi shield installed under your scalp
Shotgun microphone
To overhear distant conversations discreetly, you have artificially-enhanced hearing
+4 (Great)
+3 (Good)
+3 (Good)
+2 (Fair)
+2 (Fair)
+2 (Fair)
+1 (Average)
+1 (Average)
Gun Combat
+1 (Average)
+1 (Average)
Ear to the Ground
Whenever someone initiates a conflict against you in an area where you’ve built a network of contacts, you use Contacts instead of Notice to determine turn order, because you got tipped off in time.
Honest Salesman
Making a sale comes as naturally to you as breathing. +2 to Rapport when using it to sell goods or services.
Smooth Over
You’re adept at stepping into a bad situation and dialing it down to something more reasonable. So long as you are not the direct reason someone is upset, your attempts to calm them down using your Rapport receive a +2 bonus.