Nirka Iiken

Proudly wearing his well-worn fatigues from his Marine career, Nirka is a large man who can appear quite threatening. He has many scars he has not had removed. A large tattoo of the 4518th Lift Infantry regimental crest decorates his left arm.

"By the book," summarizes Nirka's philosophy. The Duke of Regina's own Huscarles is the most efficient organization of men and women anywhere in the galaxy, as far as Nirka goes. The civilians on this ship simply don't understand that it means to be a Marine. Well, they seem to be a good bunch of people to Nirka, they just need some discipline.

The 4518th Lift Infantry was the home and family of Nirka for twenty years. He joined the Marines right after school, and was lucky enough to be assigned to one of the best units in the Spinward Marches. The Duke of Regina's own Huscarles was a key force in the Fifth Frontier War. Nirka is a loyal supporter of the Duke of Regina and the Imperium. When those around him make disparaging remarks about the Imperium, he has said: "I've seen men cut in half by Zho fusion guns fighting so you have the free will to say things like that." Unfortunately, there comes a time to retire or move to a desk job. His mustering-out benefit was not enough to live on comfortably, but was enough to start a new life as a partner in the free trader Wayfarer

High concept: 
Imperial Marine who misses the glory days
By the book, or not at all
Other aspects: 
Your appearance and demeanor have defeated many opponents with just a glance
Military armor and weapons
You carry whatever the law level can handle, such a gauss rifle and combat armor, with the occasional grenade added
Hold-out pistols
You have a set of folding ceramic machine-pistols, fully-loaded, in hidden holsters built into your combat boots
Gun Combat
+4 (Great)
+3 (Good)
+3 (Good)
+2 (Fair)
+2 (Fair)
+2 (Fair)
+1 (Average)
+1 (Average)
+1 (Average)
+1 (Average)
Called Shot
During a Gun Combat attack, spend a fate point and declare a specific condition you want to inflict on a target, like Shot in the Hand. If you succeed, you place that as a situation aspect on them in addition to hitting them for stress.
Quick on the Draw
You can use Gun Combat instead of Notice to determine turn order in any physical conflict where shooting quickly would be useful.
Uncanny Accuracy
Once per conflict, stack an additional free invoke on an advantage you’ve created to represent the time you take to aim or line up a shot (like In My Sights).