A very fit Vargr, Gozaefou generally wears his old Scout jumpsuits. He has an Aslan-made ballistic cloth jacket covered with the skin of a tlei'aolrahkeaw, a rare, exotic Aslan creature that is colored in the garish colors Vargr find so attractive.

Gozaefou has found it difficult to trust anyone since his tragic incident in the Scouts. It took all his willpower to convince himself to invest in the Wayfarer with seven other people. He is now comfortable with the group, but can be over-protective of them. Deep inside he fears he might make the wrong decision and cause them harm like the crew of his Scout ship.

Gozaefou, born in Imperial space, joined the Scouts as he has always dreamed of. After years of working in the Xboat network, he was finally transferred to the First Contact branch. For the next several years he led aggressive contact missions throughout the frontier. His impulsiveness and stubbornness soon caught up with him. When Gozaefou insisted his team make contact with what appeared to be a village of shipwrecked survivors lost hundreds of years ago, disaster struck when the settlement was actually a Vargr corsair base. His scout ship was destroyed, and the Wayfarer, a passing free trader, picked him up several weeks later. He left the service afterwards, bitter and distrustful. Gozaefou stayed with the free trader crew that rescued him, eventually investing his life savings in the ship's purchase for an equal share in its profits.

High concept: 
Vargr Imperial Scout
This won't end well
Other aspects: 
You've spent much of your life travelling around the Imperium and beyond.
Medical kit
Stuffed in your various pockets are the contents of a medical kit, including medical slow drug
Survival bubble
You carry on your belt a compact survival bubble, ready to be used at a moment's notice
+4 (Great)
+3 (Good)
+3 (Good)
+2 (Fair)
+2 (Fair)
+2 (Fair)
+1 (Average)
+1 (Average)
+1 (Average)
+1 (Average)
Walk Away From It
You have a great instinct for crash-landing ships or flying vehicles (such as an air/raft), and are able to walk away from even the most catastrophic-seeming landings. While piloting a ship into its crash landing, you and your passengers are completely immune to any injury. Don't even roll.
Jack of All Trades
Once per session, you can spend a Fate point and get any skill at Average for one scene.
This Way
You have a natural talent for navigation is such that you rarely gets lost. You always knows which direction north is, flawlessly, even underground, without a compass or stars to guide you. You get a +2 bonus whenever trying to find your way out of a place,