Barek Yundis Laris

Barek is a Darrian with dark hair, golden skin, a slight build, and the almost pointed ears, characteristic of native Darrians. Laris is commonly seen in a smoking jacket or bathrobe, holding or reading a highly-customized datapad.

Barek has spent his entire life in solitary research, with few real friends, and nothing to show for it other then his savings. His fame as a research scientist on Darrian has proven to be of little worth outside of the Confederation. Even though Darrians look at scientists as Solomani might a professional athlete, the rest of the Imperium does not share those views. He seeks to understand more of the universe by leaving Darrian and travelling by investing in the Wayfarer, and becoming a crewmember. 

Unfortunately, without practical shipboard skills, his only option was taking on the role of steward. He understands that it is the only available position, but feels it is beneath his station to serve and clean up after passengers. He is never rude to them; he simply would rather spend time thinking about important matters. Barek can be quite forgetful about what he considers to be non-essential information (which are most things), and can be found wandering the halls muttering various outlandish theories to whoever is nearby.

High concept: 
Over-educated Darrian scientist
If you would like to do this correctly, let me explain to you how it should be done
Other aspects: 
Curiosity killed the cat
Doesn't matter what it is, you have to poke your nose in it
Advanced hand computer
You carry a very advanced TL 15 data pad with you, containing vast amounts of library data
Zoom eye
One of your eyes has an artificial enhancement to allow it to zoom in very closely to small or distant objects
+4 (Great)
+3 (Good)
+3 (Good)
+2 (Fair)
+2 (Fair)
+2 (Fair)
+1 (Average)
+1 (Average)
+1 (Average)
+1 (Average)
Dizzying Intellect
Your scientific knowledge is so advanced, there’s usually no one around who can tell if you’re making things up. You may use Education in place of Deceive to tell lies related to science.
I’ve Read about That!
You’ve read hundreds—if not thousands—of books on a wide variety of topics. You can spend a fate point to use Education in place of any other skill for one roll or exchange, provided you can justify having read about the action you’re attempting.
You may use Education in place of Security to defeat computerised security.